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    Close readers of this tumblr may recall a column called This Week in Drake, my roundup of what I’ve been thinking about Drake lately. Well, VICE is now on YouTube, and that means we’re making new shows. One of which, I’m excited to tell you, is an adaptation of This Week in Drake. It’s currently called (I didn’t name it, so if you have a better idea, please let me know) “What’s Up with Drake?” and it’s pretty much exactly the same as the column, except we changed the title because editing takes a while and we didn’t want any whiners to be like, “What!? This is LAST WEEK in Drake. You guys lied!” (You know how harsh YouTube commenters can be.) The first episode is above, and yes, if you’re wondering, that’s me talking, nice to meet you, please be kind, etc. We’re breaking the fourth wall here and for that I apologize.

    A few notes on the episode: 

    • Yes, I know that the video I describe as forthcoming has since premiered. Sorry? There’ll be a quicker turn around on future videos, unless no one watches them, in which case there will be no turn around on them at all.
    • In the video, I mention that a girl I went to high school with gave Lil Wayne a Billy Joel. I forgot to mention, however, that she met Lil Wayne through Joe Francis, and I regret this omission.
    • I also mention that, after s’ing his d, nothing bad happened to her. I didn’t mean this in an STD-sense (I truly have no idea and no reason to suspect that Wayne has STDs), as many interpreted it, but in an existential manner. I was trying to state that, you know, flesh is flesh and we’re all just rotting away, slowly, so it’s not a big deal if you get with Wayne even though I, a petty person, think he’s icky. 

    In closing, here’s a screenshot of a chat I had with Vice Toronto’s very own Katie Heindl. It starts with her telling me something she had tweeted the previous night (I’m the Larry King icon). I don’t agree with her analysis, but I definitely think it’s worth contemplating:

    Hanson O’Haver

    This is a thing I’m doing.

    (Source: youtu.be)

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    This is the most important piece of video blogging that will ever exist.
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    scroll down for my big interview!!
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    This is a thing I’m doing.
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